This website is intended as a free course or manual that helps you understand the basic concepts of investing in FOREX. I will try not to use a technical language that discourages the reading of the sections that make up this FOREX (FX) manual. It is a quick and simple look that aims to make clear several basic concepts about investment in the currency market,  until reaching the most advanced levels of analysis and all the strategies and indicators that are extremely useful for making money in the currency market.

When I started investing in FOREX I was forced to read lots of manuals and web page courses in which they used language for experts and tried to attract customers for their courses and brokers. Here I will try, to the best of my ability, to give you in a clear and plain language the basic concepts that you have to understand to start investing in the currency market. All this for free, since I do not sell any manual or course, and with total independence, since although this website is supported by advertising, it is not sponsored by any broker, which allows me to speak with total freedom of the pros and cons of investing in Forex.

I want to make it clear that  not by reading more  or by downloading forex courses from thousands of pages  you will have more success when investing  in forex, first because there is material to be reading months and even years, and second because you will not assimilate all those data and you will not know how to differentiate what is really useful. To a large extent, making this a profitable investment consists of 50% knowledge and another 50% intuition.

I hope this course, my tips and experiences will be useful.