Who wants to know how to be successful in business and in their life? There is a phrase from Tony Robbins that I have quoted several times, and, in my personal opinion, it has enormous power. “If you want to be successful, look for someone who has achieved the results you want, imitate what he does, and you will get the same results.”

And well, the power of imitation is not something that Tony Robbins has discovered, it is a skill that human beings have used for their own development. It is something we were born with, therefore it is something we can benefit from.

In fact, if you look, that’s how we learned everything when we were babies. Walking, talking, eating, going to the bathroom and all our customs, we have learned through the imitation of people who already knew how to do it. Even all our beliefs and behaviors we have acquired by imitation.

So please, don’t think of imitation as if it were something negative, because, on the contrary, it is probably the most effective and fastest way of learning.

The power of imitation … 🙂

I ask you something, do you know Napoleon Hill, the author of the book “Think and Get Rich” (which I highly recommend)? Man spent many years of his life researching many successful and millionaire people, in order to discover why they were so successful and what they had in common.

And he found that, in effect, they had several similar habits, behaviors and beliefs, which means that if any of us apply them, we will be closer to the success we are looking for.

But how to be a successful and happy person?

For that I want to share some guidelines that can serve to emulate people who are where you want to be or have achieved similar things to those you want to achieve.

The power of imitation is a way of learning through what another has already lived.

It is very important that before imitating someone you admire, you understand that there is a big difference between taking what is useful for your career to shorten your learning curve and want to become that person or idolize it fanatically.

The idea is that you find someone who has behaviors, beliefs and habits that you admire, and who you think are important to achieve your goals. We usually look for people who have developed qualities that we don’t have or want to strengthen, and then we learn from their experience and integrate it into our own process.

It is not about plagiarizing what the other person does so as not to have to do our part of the job, that is, to pretend to take the short path and obtain the expected results. The point is that if someone already invented the wheel, because you do not have to go through that road again, you better take what that person did and improve it, putting your stamp on it and adding your input.

And hey, we are not talking about becoming devotees to that person and turning them into objects of worship, or being that fanatic who loses common sense and believes everything that the other says. Just as we make the decision to follow that person for their qualities, we must maintain objectivity and be true to ourselves and what we want. This process is about our dreams, not those of the other.

As I tell you, it is simply to clarify those things that that person can contribute to your process, adopt them and use them for your own growth, because he or she has already tried and worked for them, so it can also work for you.

If you want to imitate someone, you must learn from him or her.

If you have already found that person you want to emulate, it is very important that you investigate what you can and begin to know. Studying its processes, its strategies and its achievements, will allow you to discover very clearly what are the things that have allowed you to get where you are and focus on learning and developing them. Become his disciple, his follower, his pupil.


If you have the possibility to be close and learn directly from him or her, then wonderful. Absorb everything you can and practice it. Ask for his advice when in doubt and ask what he would do in certain situations, to understand how his mind works and how he reacts to different stimuli. Observation is also a very powerful tool, see how he speaks, how he walks, how he dresses, how he relates to others, etc.

But if it is someone you do not have easy access to, no matter partners, look for all the information you can (there is always a lot on the internet), your biography, your books (if you have them), videos, articles, people who follow you, groups of which it is part, etc. If you can access training, workshops or conferences of your own, much better, because there you can see it and understand it much more closely.

In general, successful people are very generous with the information, because they know that sharing their experiences with others is a great way to give back to the world what they have received. In addition, they are not usually envious or petty, so they will surely be glad that you are successful and have been part of your process.

To imitate someone is to use a great tool, don’t apologize for that.

Imitation has been underestimated for a long time, as it is usually related to lack of originality or identity. But there is a big difference between being a usurper of someone and emulating their qualities for learning purposes.

So if at any time you feel bad about being imitating someone and think that you should be doing it better on your own, remember that all the great masters of the world have in turn been disciples of another previous teacher. 🙂

What is the power of imitation

That conception that we have to be totally original and not copy anything from anyone, is completely limiting and absurd. Human beings are collective and we are part of a community from which we take everything. We are a construction of many things, but what makes us unique is the specific mix of all of them. It’s as if we had the same ingredients, but each one was a different recipe.

Then you do not have to apologize for imitating someone, you are simply doing what the human being does by nature, learn by imitation. Only you are consciously choosing who to imitate, because you know what you want, and that person’s experience can serve you in that purpose.

Do not give up, insist and reframe until it works for you.

Remember that imitating someone who has already achieved what you want does not mean that it will work for you exactly the same or that it will happen overnight.

Sometimes I get a little insistent with this issue, but I really believe that the definitive point between succeeding in what we propose and not having it, lies in our ability to persist and not give up too soon.

There will be things that flow to you, but surely there will be many others that cost you more work, and although you will save time and energy by taking advantage of someone else’s experience, because the results will take time to arrive, because it is not a magic spell either.

So focus and work disciplined. Constantly review the strategy and rethink what is not working. Go finding your own formula and keep applying it, until you achieve the goals you had. You yourself will discover what suits you and what definitely does not go with you, and that’s very good, that’s the idea.

Do not forget that the one you imitate is also a human being.

The fact that that person you decided to imitate has succeeded in what you also want does not mean that he is perfect, a saint or a super hero. On the contrary, it is as human as you and me, so publicly it is perceived as perfect. He is someone who also has limitations, fears, and continues to learn daily, like you and me.

That is precisely why it is so important that you do not lose common sense and do not end up being like a god to you, because it is only someone who overcame their fears and limitations and pursued their dream until it became a reality, and that can be inspiration for You, that’s all.

So do not be disappointed if you find something you don’t like or identify with. Remember that you always have the power to choose, and in this case you have chosen to imitate the qualities you admire of that person, what you think can serve you in your way. What you don’t like, then just let it go.

As Bernardo de Chartres said: “We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants. We can see more, and further than them, not because of the sharpness of our sight, nor because of the height of our body, but because we are raised by its great height, ”and then Isaac Newton paraphrased:  If I have been able to see beyond, it’s because I was sitting on the shoulders of some giants. ”

And if there are already giants who have achieved so much before us, then let’s get on their shoulders and continue with their work. It’s not just about imitating, but continuing with his legacy, so that later, someone else gets on our shoulders too, and we continue to grow and evolve.