If you have been wondering how to create a blog and earn money , there are several things that I suggest you consider before doing so, so that you make a wise decision and not waste your time, your energy, or your money.

From someone I heard an analogy that seemed super clear: Bloggers are like professional athletes, many are in the game, most do not win but nothing, some earn a little (even if it is a little applause for half-morale), few they live on it and very few, I repeat, very few, earn a lot of money with it.

And with that I do not want to discourage you, at all, of course there are bloggers who earn several thousand dollars a month (and I know them by amounts, many of them are my friends), but that has not happened overnight, this Learning how to create a blog and earn money is the result of the hard and constant work required to maintain a large community faithful to your publications.

To know how to create a blog and earn money, you must become an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), learn to position the blog in the different search engines and have articles that register in the first lists, generating good organic traffic without needing to pay you a single weight to Google, and getting thousands of people daily reading your articles and interested in your content to then buy your products or accept the recommendations of your affiliate links, which as I have been talking about, are the best sources for Create a blog and earn money.

It is useless to have the best writings in the world if you do not have an audience. You could almost be the Creole reincarnation of a genetic crossing between Oscar Wilde and Hemingway, who then implanted chromosomes of Pablo Neruda with Marquez, and not even bill a peso, a luca, a blessed pecheche with your Google Ads account.

They should then, and I stress again, be a tough on this SEO to be able to compete with the amount of animals that are outside in the market doing jobs similar to ours, who already burned the eyelashes a long time to get that knowledge and that I assure you they will not let a simple rookie enter the game and banquee them (take out, unseat) from their struggling positions!

Below you will find some thoughts that can help you define if you really want to have a blog and if you are willing to do what is necessary:

It can be a medium / long term project.

While it is true that eventually very talented people appear with blogs that generate a lot of traffic in a very short time (I would even peel the tetilla so that they autografeen me because the truth I do not understand how they do), most blogs well positioned They have 3 or more years on the air producing very good quality content.

It is that achieving a good subscriber base (which is necessary or) or generating enough traffic to monetize takes time. Additionally, using online advertising tools effectively and developing other income options through the blog also requires time, both learning and implementation.

It requires a good amount of work and time daily.

If what you want is to make money with your blog ( good workers ), you can’t pretend to have a lot of traffic posting from time to time. Each publication, each programming, each e-book or infoproduct you make, will require a good camel and duraoo. And then if what you want is to receive relevant income, then the work to be done is enough.

And eye, again I tell you that what I write is not to discourage you, because it is a beautiful profession and where there is still room for many! If not for them to understand the reality of how to create a blog and earn money , and so please stop cheating with my posts, because I tell you, there are times I even feel bad about uploading selfies having a good time or working a little time with My computer from a heavenly place.

And I tell you this is because I see that many people do want to know how to create a blog and earn quick money (and thus obtain a similar lifestyle), but when they see how hard the process is, or rather, when they start to find With the first difficulties, they throw the towel right there. They want the results now, eagerly, without being willing to eat before (complete this word quiet in their minds) necessary to achieve it.

But they know something, sudden success does not exist, and so love this business, I have to tell you that it will be a long road, and that it will demand a lot of your time. Forget those days of 8 camel horitas, because that is nothing for a successful blogger. Don’t be fooled by blogger profiles (of my style) by sharing photos and showing how beautiful life is without working!

Insurance? But what% ¢ # are they saying for God? Juaaa, do not believe them but nothing is more, neither me. Because the truth is that behind all this, in my case or theirs, there are whole years almost without seeing the sunlight, locked up with their computers writing, with their little back humpbacked seeing the computer and dreaming, creating, materializing! And without fear of being wrong, many of the most successful bloggers still work, 10, 12, 14 or even more hours a day, which would be more than full time on their blogs. Even the writer of “The 4-Hour Labor Week”, hehe.

There are guys, so that life was so easy, it wouldn’t be so fun! 🙂

There are many people who do not make money with their blogs.

Moreover, I would say most! Either because they do not develop strategies to monetize their blog (they simply want to share information) or because the traffic they have is very low and is not enough to generate income. Moreover, I would say that more than 90% of bloggers do not earn a penny with their blogs.

It is that the market is so competitive and the figures that are received by online advertising are so low, that if there is not a considerable volume of traffic, then those figures are irrelevant. And yes, maybe they are very good at what they do, coming from the same past genetic crossing, but do they know anything about marketing? And desire? Things are not as before, and writers who stayed in the world of paper and pencil are already sent to pick up. Not only do we have to write for humans, but also for Google robots, hehe …

So that they are seen as nice in the photos, let me tell you that they are children of (you will know). If you don’t study well and stay updated, you just leave it behind. But fresh, and then I will make a mega tutorial about it, which is a very important topic!

Keeping them running is not impossible, but it is not easy either.

You may publish several times a day, or one daily, or some a week, in any case, the need to be generating new content, to keep bringing people to read it, not to lower its quality, to keep the traffic that You have finally achieved strong pressure levels.

In fact, the recommendation is always that you write about topics that you are really passionate about, and not only what can be profitable, otherwise you can become a nightmare to write, and enthusiasm can go down considerably, which will surely be reflected in your blog (something that has not happened to me yet, nor do I think it happens to me. I am passionate about sharing, and I think it shows with the extension of this article and in the emotion / feeling you may feel when reading it).

I have noticed that the blog market is increasingly saturated and competitive, which requires generating differentiated and high-value content, in addition to optimized and perfectly managed different online advertising tools (Google Adsense, Facebook, etc.) , know how to get and make direct sales to advertisers, prodigious management of affiliate links (which is where most of their income will come from), and if they also want to take an even more advanced step and differentiate themselves from the competition, they should Know about the creation and sale of your own digital products, which would be a very good plus for your business.

Deal? Which business? I just want to set up my little page and know how to create a blog and earn some money …

Nooo, if you are going to get into this, please think big from the beginning, that it will be a lot of time and energy for you to invest for it. No pages of the type www.mipagina.wordpress.com that if they are free, but the only thing they will show the world is that they are not professionals nor do they intend to grow. I know that it’s not easy to get 10 dooolareessss today (well, as if to keep up with them and identify myself with some of the audience), but hey, they don’t believe that with a small sacrifice, could they even get them?

I don’t know, maybe a weekend at home instead of going out with the partners and drinking the spirits, or maybe staying at home instead of going to the stadium to watch the game of his favorite team, or even and if he plays, go out and sell lemonades to the neighborhood! 🙂

The truth is that no matter what they have to do if they do not have them, but even in this or any other online venture that I will talk about, money will never be an excuse. It is that we are talking about their business, their future, that very soon, and with a good job before, they will be giving them the yoke to survive, the stability of their families, and even the capital to travel the world. So invest hard in it!

They will then need to buy a domain and have a simple hosting plan, which today is very cheap. And hire the friend of the cousin of the newly graduated nephew to mount that pod to the page (if they are from my generation that we grew up with Microsoft Paint and that we have no idea of ​​rare codes or anything else that is more advanced than Windows 95).

And not only do I talk about investing money, but also about time …

Why yes, this being a blogger more than a business is a profession! I tell them that when they ask me which one I exercise, whether in the bank, immigration from different countries, or anywhere else, many times, and it depends on the case, I say that I am a blogger with all the tranquility of the world, while they They stay as watching me. But it is that Huepucha, I say so proudly … That you do not imagine!

And likewise, and if you want to enter the business and know how to create a blog and earn moneywith it, you should see this in a serious professional way from the beginning, and not like my little page, my blog, my little business, nooo! ! Vamos is to set up a blog of high quality digital content for a defined audience, knowing from the beginning what we are looking for with it, having defined goals and with a mentality of entrepreneurs!

Mind you, when I grow up (I hope it will be soon) you also have to learn to negotiate your services and value your work, because we cannot accept to give us chichiguas in exchange for it. You can not imagine the amount of invitations that come to me for free trips (they call them blogtrips, or funtrips) or to send me products in exchange for writings on my blog, videos on my YouTube channel, and / or mentions in my social networks , which before always accepted happy life, without gaining a single weight for it …

Until I started charging, and likewise, to value my work!

Of course, they see it as being very simple for me and it no longer represents any effort to make a photo and upload it to my networks, or the writing of an article for my blog. But is it that they do not understand the work so hard or what I represent for me to get to this? These same gifts are made with newspaper and magazine reporters in exchange for the same, which of course, they always accept.

The thing is that for them it is different than for a blogger, because they have a salary a salary, it is their blessed work, while the poor blogger does live on his blog, and if he only exchanges or gives away his services, where he will get your money? Where will you get the lucas to live? One must grow to the point that it differs from the rest of the market, and there they will be the ones who will look for you as crazy, thus being able to negotiate their services at very good prices.

But what if they would pay me for it? If you would give me to live from a blog?

There are partners, I have had campaigns where the client (if not his name, let’s put it as the tourism department of X country) has contacted me to give me this type of gifts, which as I said, very rarely I accept, and who later of a negotiation, and that I send them my biography together with a well-designed Media Kit (that is, it has to be sold in a professional way), I have obtained payments of more than $ 8,000 thousand dollars for a blessed trip … That where it was the same sold than as before, even had accepted freess!

there are already several works I have been doing of this type. Jobs (if this can be called a job) where all I have had to do is visit x place for about 3 or 4 days and spend the best I can in it, with all the per diems included and accommodation, for Then make an article about them and share on my networks.

Just do not see this as something easy …

Danyyy but is that 8 thousand dolaretes that you earned in four diaaassss? Where do I sign dad? There are partners, I wish everything was so simple, and that is what I want you to understand. Those 8 thousand dollars did not come from those four days of the trip, nooo!

They came from the continuous work of more than 10 years as a blogger, of the hundreds / thousands of hours that I have spent the night to achieve growth, of the money that in the past I had to invest to grow my own brand, of the courses taken, of the fights that I had to have with my past partners because of my abandonment towards them (well, that’s what they said) because of my multiple entrepreneurship, the impact that could have had on my health all those years of eating late , of sacrificed rumbas, of lost friends, etc etc …

And I don’t know if it’s for you, but for me that’s worth it, and a lot! That is why I am not a banter with my work. And yes, it may sound that it is a lot of money for something so simple and in such a short time. But as you saw, things are not like that.

Another thing is that the reward has been obtained just for that date, but she came from the fruit of a sowing that I had in my past, and that like all sowing, if you take good care of it, and resist the problems that may happen (which always will be), because sooner than later it will bear fruit. And I tell you something? Ohh, very good that these boars know!

And that’s where another one of my secrets comes from, which could also be applied to any other area of ​​their lives:  Please don’t sell yourself to the highest bidder!  And again, guys, please rate your work! And to avoid that competition to the death with the rest of the niche, what they should do is and as I say here below in the video, it is to be experts, the best in their niches, to be prepared to receive the criticism, and whatever, differentiate of the competition!

Because as in Trading, Forex, in sports, or any other profession, there are few who reach the top and enjoy those soft and delicious honeys of victory … Because how hard it is to be an entrepreneur !

But how about it not? It wouldn’t be as fun …

And eye, I do not want to discourage you, but I do think it is better to have a realistic view of the matter and decide with arguments and with the experience of others who have already passed through, rather than getting into something that will generate disappointments instead of income. In any case, this is still a field of many possibilities (and will continue to increase) and if this is what resonates with you, then go ahead and get to work! Welcome to the guild, there is still much to d