Before giving you my advice on how to make Link Building for SEO and position your blog, let me tell you a little about where all this positioning was born and what the word SEO means (I know it’s very basic, but I want to start from scratch).

Since search engines entered businesses and homes in the 1990s, people realized that the web could be a means of generating revenue and began creating websites that responded to their business interests.

However, they quickly discovered that they should focus their efforts on creating strategies to attract traffic to their content, and that not only was this enough, but they also had to reach the top search engine positions among the wide range of offers that normally exist.

And it was from this need that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was born, as a tool to position a blog.

SEO has to do with the optimization processes that we carry out in order to achieve greater visibility in the search engines for our website. And for this we must gain greater authority, relevance and good confidence.

The authority is about the popularity and dissemination of a website by users . And the more disclosure certain links or pages have, the search engines will assume that it is valuable information, so it will make it easier for users to find it.

The relevance refers to the terms or keywords (keywords) that a website has regarding a specific search by the user. And it is this concordance of keywords between the websites and the searches that users perform that helps to increase the visibility of certain contents in the search engines and with it it is very likely that the traffic that reaches them will increase.

And finally the confidence, that I summarize simply. The greater the number of links that link to your blog from external pages, it will also be more confident that you have for Google and will position better in your search engines.

And eye, that for them it is better that you have few friends talking about you, but a lot of confidence (good web pages linking you), than a number of digital chichipatos (small blogs) talking about the beauty of your work.

Is that the greatest visibility factors of a website are given by the disclosure of these links, the number of times they are shared, the thematic agreement between these links and the pages or blogs that link them. Therefore always remember, that the greater the number of links that redirect to your website (and quality), the more confidence you will have for Google.

Which I consider one of the most difficult points in the creation of a successful blog (especially when it is starting and nobody knows us yet). Of course, it would be very easy to call Juanito, Pepito and Juanchito to put us a link from their portals (which their mother and grandmother hardly read), but another very different thing is to get a link from a recognized page like the BBC, Univision, CNN, or any other great global news portal.

There Google will say:  « Ehh, as well as CNN and the BBC are talking about Daniel’s page, jumbo (cool that search engines also say words), but if I barely believe it, and with that name? How is that money in sandals? There is, but is it the same of the blog that traveling without toilet paper, who will see him for Diosss? What a huddle to give a fight! The same if my friends are talking about the moneco that for something will be. So I will rely more on the skinned and if I know someone who is looking for these issues, I will recommend it first » .

Ok ok, but how to make that Link Building?

How to get valuable links on other blogs?

Quiet, that people share the links of your website as complementary information, so that they seek to share your content to complete theirs or to expose their point of view through the information that you publish. That is why you must create valuable content and progressively improve it so that your users talk about it and link it on their own websites or on the interactions they make on the internet.

And to create quality content and make it more striking, you can include videos, stories, relevant studies, images, controversies, strong phrases, among other elements.

People share your link through collaborative business agreements between your website and theirs. These agreements are created together to improve the positioning of both sites, which is usually a very good strategy. You talk about me, and I talk about you, simple!

People share your link because they feel appreciation for your website, be it for its history, trajectory, theme or style. Or for one last point I talk about a lot in my seminars, and it’s thanks to a successful and friendly digital social life. Just as they spend time with their friends, they should also do it with the rest of blog creators of the same theme, and start making true friendships with them, but as friends, knowing and dealing with that person behind the facade of those portals.

There are boys, so it is so important to be well connected and invest time in building true relationships, whether answering internal messages or questions that your audience sends you, knowing other people who work in your same niche, recommending your website to family and friends, maintaining contact with former clients and even maintaining a close relationship with your employees or service providers.

It is that the cordial and close relationships that you generate either with your audience on the web or with different business contacts, can be reflected in the online world in the form of links.

You never know that you could leave a good friendship!

And also, it takes advantage of social networks for dissemination, as it has been discovered that they have a great role in the positioning of a website. And as an extra tip, and to make your links more striking in the networks and thus generate more people who enter to read them, is to include persuasive or controversial titles in your publications such as ” how I became a millionaire “, that of “Do n’t keep working with idiots ” or ” Accept it, nobody cares!” «.

But beware, that people can also share your link to generate negative reviews about it, which is better to stop on time, since they can easily spread on the web and damage the good name of your website.

And hey, and if you don’t find anything, then let it be you of the initiative. They can look for opportunities as a guest blogger in any other blog, business websites and even websites of organizations, events or social initiatives that work on the same theme or that you think may have an affinity with the content you share.

Try then to contact them and create a content agreement through which you can publish your information, posts and links on their websites by giving them a new entry, completing some of their entries or enriching their publications with some valuable content that may interest them.

Take advantage of the broken links of your competition. I tell you that there are many websites that forget this, so some of its contents are outdated, generating broken link chains that lead nowhere. So when you detect that this is happening in a link that works on the same theme, inform the authority of the corresponding website and propose to correct or replace it with any of your entries or links that refer to the same topic.

And look for all kinds of directories to generate links . There are different companies that create directories on the web in which we can share our links. An example of these directories can be eBay, Vulka, Yellow Pages, Tripadvisor, Indizze, Espainfo, Cataloxy,,, Localempresa, or the same social networks, where you will have the space to include working your Link Building, including Linkedin, which in addition to free, like the rest of this list, are links that will help you grow your Blog.

Is it clear how to make Link Building to gain the trust of Google?

Ahh, and finally, I also share another of my secret tricks to get links with a lot of authority, but paying for them. And it is the page of PrensaSEO where they sell links in many renowned blogs and digital newspapers!

In addition to having a service that I use a lot (and that is why I recommend it so much, having many more pages of the same style in the market) and is to pay a review among several people, make a group purchase, saving up to 75 % of what that link would normally be worth in the market!

This is one of the tactics that I have been using in my blogs to upload positions so fast … It is that we are only going for the second month and we are already the blog 600,000 thousand of the world, that is a lively one!

But why would I keep the secret kept just for me? That is why I hope you also find them very useful in your projects. And eye, not only for your personal blogs, but also to get reviews and recommendations for your company, and thus give it popularity and authority!

Finally I want you to keep in mind that all these Link Building and SEO strategies are not magical techniques and with which you will get quick results. No, remember that you cannot have a baby in a month leaving 9 women pregnant . There are things that simply take time, and just as it is hard to build trust with other people in real life, so does Google.

But hey, believe me that if they are constant, and they do things well, little by little they will be gaining the trust of this information giant, and will be recommending them more and more to their search engines, until one day, they have that blog to Bust and even change your hosting, so today, and as I said at the beginning, only read by your grandmother and mom!