There is nothing more exciting than starting a project we have dreamed of, giving free rein to those ideas that for years or months we have wanted to launch. And for this I wrote this post on “how to sell my product on Instagram” , because if your goal is the sale or positioning of a brand and / or have your own store, I assure you that Instagram will be your best ally.

And there are thousands of companies that are dedicated to creating Instagram profiles with innovation and added values ​​with the intention of differentiating in such a competitive market, so we must know very well how to handle it perfectly, in order to reach millions of people with an image, hook them and thus achieve greater number of consumers.

In addition to this social network, that they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, if it comes true!

Advantages of selling on Instagram

  • With millions of users around the world, interested in images, it is easy to let us know and generate sales from there.
  • Advertising is accessible to all budgets and now very easy to handle (it is managed from Facebook Ads).
  • Knowing the correct use of hashtag you can create a great movement to your page, with dazzling sales if you handle it well.
  • Use the stories as a channel to reach the user more directly (from there they can put the direct links to their website, inviting them to move the screen up with their finger).
  • Remember, everything enters through the eyes and this social network is clear, the trick is to impress with your advertising images. That is why I always use very viral images (so they don’t have to do with my product) when I want to do something big or important, thus having more interaction and reaching more people.
  • Get through your creativity to be remembered and establish good communication with the consumer.

However, as I always say, the success of a project is at work behind the scenes, everything needs planning, research and analyzing the pros and cons very well.

Sell ​​my product on Instagram

For this you must take into account some important things:

  • It is important to identify the target or target audience, research the market. The customer has to become your friend (and to make advertising more economical, if you show your products to the public that it is).
  • It is very important that you know in depth what you are selling, since at the time of contact, you must generate confidence and security that finally that will be the trigger for the purchase to take place (and this I tell them especially to those who have community managers, so that they train them well before giving them the image of their company. They must know, or rather, have all the information of the company that you have in the head, they must be almost your replica, so that it is not confused then to the user, and / or so that they do not embarrass later)
  • Create a unique, fun, sophisticated but always real strategy. Do not exaggerate or promise things that the product may not comply with.
  • Be clear about the actions you are going to carry out within the social network and the plan to follow, which will gradually position you as a reliable brand.
  • Engage the public with offers, discounts and strategic hooks to keep everyone’s eye and increase sales.
  • Offers the updated product catalog.
  • Make stories, so that the public identifies with you.
  • Post at least 5 times a week (at least).
  • Link your brand to other dissemination channels (eg Blog, Twitter or Facebook accounts, email campaigns etc)
  • The draws and contests have become one of the tools most used by companies to build loyalty to their followers and get new users.
  • Do you know Instagram Live? It is a great support to sell products or make launches, with which you will have very good reach without any cost. In this, creativity plays a very important role because the same platform gives you the technological tools, it is already one that really hooks people. And for this it is important to always start with a timely message, Boom !!! That we will talk in the live, that they will learn, why they should continue listening to them, if they will have any discount, announce it of one, or contest. Remember that today the retention time of people is very little, so we must catch them in the first seconds (also applies to youtubers, who with their intros of more than 3 seconds frighten people. I’ll talk later about it).
  • Make commercials (very important), join Facebook Ads and make this mix a good team.
  • Celebrities / influencers can be fundamental pieces when making your brand visualize more intensely. Give him samples of your products that very likely they will upload images with them thanking you for such a nice gesture. They are great opinion leaders and their posts move masses that could be targeted by your brand.
  • Nowadays technology is growing by leaps and bounds, for them the quality and originality of your photos is important, remember that every day consumers become more demanding. For this I recommend Photography Apps to improve your images, since it is much more the interaction that you will have with super contrasted photos in HD, than with normal photos fresh from your smarthphone.

What products to sell on Instagram?

There are my partners, I tell you what you want. In my case, I sell digital products, such as eBooks or online courses (mine or others through affiliate links), but they could sell cars and apartments.

Last year, for example, I sold a house of 1.8 billion pesos (600 thousand dollars) that were close to my house, and with which I earned 4%, which was 24,000 thousand dollars (#Truestory) in less than one month. That is almost what a normal person would earn in 8 years of work earning the minimum wage. If they see the lively of the things they could do in networks?

We are talking that in less than a month, patched in sandals, with my dog ​​next door, generate the same as a normal person in 90 months (2,700 days) of work as a salaried employee.

How do I effectively sell on Instagram a product as large / expensive as that?

Well, simple, I had no experience in real estate, but I had something, and even more important, and it is an optimal management of social networks and new technologies. So I saw the papayaso and talked to the owner, who let me go and take some good pictures (I saw that the ones I had were scary).

Then I set up a web page (in less than 2 hours) and redirected traffic from social networks, which I call a laser advertising. And boom !! Direct to a public with a good ticket (golfers, members of X private clubs in the city, for people who liked tennis, who had high-end cell phones, frequent international travelers, etc etc).

That’s how, and in less than 2 weeks, I managed to sell on Instagram a product of such high value as a luxury home! Now imagine what it would be like to sell something as simple as an inexpensive product, almost a joke … If you know how to do things right!

What’s more, and here to finish the story, at last I touch 3 customers to fight for it, getting the seller not to touch or discount your sale! Ahh, and as if that were not enough, that same month I sold two more houses (the others if they were 600,000,000,000 million pesos, or 200,000 thousand dollars), thus earning me another 16,000 thousand dolaretes of the soul with it, without, and as they I said, be an expert in real estate.

That is why my effort to encourage them to enter this digital world, and to keep their eyes open, because along with what they are doing now in their work, they could do gigantic things in the digital world.

You know then what it takes to sell on Instagram …

So get to work, guys, to take advantage of this social network that has been echoing within this communication industry for several years, as one of the largest sources of dissemination, allowing connection with thousands of users from all over the world. world and now seen as a strategy to boost your online business.

So analyze and give wings to the imagination. And please don’t waste any more time than the moment is now, now. The money is almost done, you just have to take the initiative and attract it to their lives.

You just need to focus, and make yourself the new entrepreneur who will make the web your greatest ally to achieve dreams.