How to save money

“Saving” is a word that for many is not pleasant to hear, because it is common to associate it with the fact of incorporating restrictions in our habits and not enjoying life as we want to do it … But it should not be so, and that is why I am encouraged To write these tips to save money and enjoy the process.

And even if I want to make it sound more beautiful, it is real, saving is about postponing the satisfaction of our immediate needs, avoiding focusing on our pleasure or short-term projects and learning to have a broader perspective in order to prepare financially For the future, however, postponing the satisfaction of our immediate needs is not as bad as it sounds… I assure you that it brings your rewards!

And for this I bring you these tips to save money.

When we talk about money, we are used to worrying about everything that is closest in time, the share of the house, the study of the children, the gasoline of the car, the market, the purchase of the latest technological gadget and the taste of the weekend, this is why we have a blurred vision of our future needs, without realizing that this future will at some time be present and therefore we must also be prepared for it.

However, when saving money we not only have guaranteed benefits for the future, we also have an emergency fund or something like a mattress of money that supports us and definitely allows us to live in the present in a more serene and happy way, because it will be little It is probable that the expenses and accounts payable generate that undesirable feeling of anguish or stress by not having money to cover them.

Saving money is one of the habits that gives us more financial independence and who does not want this?

However, although we know that saving is a firm and necessary step to achieve economic success, on many occasions we do not understand how to do it, especially when in our monthly fixed expenses we use more money than we earn, which forces us to quit of saving money last.

If this is your case and what you earn is barely enough to cover your needs, I will tell you something very simple, you should also save money and the ideal is to start as soon as possible, but the intention of your savings will change a bit, here I no longer know it will be about the capital that you can build with the money you collect month by month, but it will be about creating the habit, including it and making it inherent in your financial behavior.

Remember that our life is built around habits and habits around repetition, not to mention that by saving you will be emotionally rewarded with the satisfaction of doing so.

Habits to save money.

It is clear that eventually you can stop saving in your routine if necessary to fulfill some of your greatest purposes, however, if you already have the habit of saving incorporated in your subconscious, you can easily return to it after a period of difficulty, a debt payable, an investment opportunity or a planned expense.

To be rich, it doesn’t matter what money you earn, but what you can save, save.

So it’s time to check your monthly income and expenses, have total control over your pocket, start to see where the money that goes to your hands is going to make your budget, that is, an anticipated calculation foreseeing the expenses in a certain period of time, in this case monthly.

To do this, think about what your real priorities are, leaving some of your immediate and little needed satisfactions aside and setting yourself achievable savings goals to gradually draw the dreams of heaven and bring them closer to your reality.

The best tips to save money

And if your mind makes you the bad move of thinking “I work as a mule and I don’t even have money to give me that whim” remember that you go for a bigger purpose than the “little whim” you have in front … and with big purposes I mean the house of your dreams, establish your business, a great trip around the world, specialize in your career or maybe make that investment that ensures your financial solvency.

Without a reason to resist? I give you a big one!

Once you have made the decision to follow these tips to save money and if your sincere budget allows it, the ideal will be to allocate 55% of your income to your current expenses, that is, those monthly fixed and non-postponeble expenses; 10% allocate it to your fun; another 10% to education, whether books or courses that strengthen and bear fruit in the area, spiritual, personal, professional or financial; 5% more to donations, present to your friends, or acts of charity, 10% to an investment that eventually generates passive income and finally 10% of the savings for the future.

In this way you will be dividing your income in a balanced way into 6 piggy banks that together will add 100% of the money that comes to your hands and in addition to this you will have the assurance that you will not spend more than you earn, and thus be able to save money. Also, if they learn to live with the least, without the need for unnecessary luxuries, accompanied by a strong job as online entrepreneurs, it will be much (muchoooo …) more what they earn than what they spend, thus achieving that dream of financial freedom from which They talk so much.

Also keep in mind that if this budget of expenses and savings does not fit your financial reality, start by keeping only a small amount, no matter how much, remember that it is more important and powerful to develop the habit of saving than it made your capital grow …

Likewise, try to gradually increase the percentage of money allocated to the monthly money savings bank until you reach the ideal percentage that allows you to achieve your dreams.

And eye, I hope they are gigantic, always dream big, no matter where you are now, do not be motivated. Remember that just as life gave you the possibility to dream, it also gave you the possibility to turn your dreams into reality.